About us

We live in a fast-paced world that constantly keeps us busy. We have
families to take care, endless work to be done, and chores to
manage even at home.

How often do we actually slow down to appreciate the precious little moments in life? Like having a simple, yet warm and enjoyable meal with our loved ones without having to worry about all the hassle.

About Us
About Us
About Us

Here at didieat, we make every effort to deliver you great food at maximum convenience. Being busy doesn’t mean we have to compromise on the quality of our food. With our fine selection of meals, we ensure that you won’t miss any important meals of the day at the comfort of your home or office, be it on a weekly or monthly basis.

Formally known as Dinez-In, we have now re-branded into didieat to bring in a whole new concept and fresh look to our valued customers. Having served you for the past 3 years at Dinez-In, we promise that didieat will now deliver an even higher standard of service that you deserve.